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Blueberry or Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream? Why not both?!

In partnership with Birchwood Dairy, we offer two types of delicious ice cream. Blueberry is Birchwood's vanilla married with our farm fresh blueberries. For a little more indulgence, try Blueberry Cheesecake. Delectable chunks of cheesecake make this ice cream a delight. 

We grow five different varieties of blueberries with their own distinctive flavour and size. Come get to know them!


An all-purpose berry grown mid season. Sweet to tart in flavour and medium to large size. These are perfect in salads, pies, or served with ice cream.


The ever popular Draper! These are ready mid-season and are known to be large in size and have a mildly sweet taste that make them perfect for eating raw and cooking in various ways. 


Liberties show up late in the season. They are flavourful and firm and are midium to large sized. They have a distinctive sky blue colour and appealing flavour. 


These berries grow mid/late season. They are known for their large size, excellent flavour, exceptional storage life, and above average firmness. 


This hardy berry is medium to large, light blue, and slightly tart. They are known to be high-yielding and attractive. 

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