Blueberry season falls in the months of July and August. We sell our blueberries in 5lb, 10lb and 20lb containers. If you would like to bring your own containers, feel free and get a slight discount. In addition to selling blueberries, MSB Farm is fortunate to partner with other farms in the community to offer unique, local products on-site. Come and try samples of our Blueberry  and blueberry cheesecake Ice Cream and Blueberry Blossom Honey!

Our blueberry fields are pollinated using honeybees from Honeyview Farms, an apiary farm that has been in the bee business for over 35 years! The bees create a honey using nectar from our blueberry blossoms in the spring. The result is a honey that is typically light amber in color with a full, well-rounded flavour that lingers on the tongue.

Birchwood Dairy is a local dairy that is famous for its delicious, creamy (and addictive) ice cream. Using our blueberries, they have created a delicious, refreshing treat for those hot summer days! We sell ice cream in cones, 2 L and 4 L pails.